Zoom Launches Zoom For Home, a Second Screen for Video Calls

Zoom has announced its “Zoom for Home” brand, and a new hardware device pre-loaded with the company’s video-calling software designed for home offices.

Right now, there is only one product under Zoom for Home, the “DTEN ME”.

Zoom has partnered with DTEN to make the device, which is a company that specialises in building communications technology, and has made previous devices for Zoom.

The DTEN ME features a 27-inch, 1080p tablet-like screen with three wide-angle cameras built-in and eight microphones around the device.

Users can use it to start a Zoom call, take phone calls, share screen content and annotate it, connected via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable.

It will also automatically with the user’s calendar and contacts in what the company is describing as “an integrated video-first unified communications experience.”

The product runs the DTEN OS operating system, but can have a HDMI plugged in to use it as a second screen.

Zoom for Home will work with all Zoom licenses, from its free level to its paid-for enterprise tier.

“After experiencing remote work ourselves for the past several months, it was clear that we needed to innovate a new category dedicated to remote workers,” said Eric S. Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, in a statement.

“I’m so proud of the team for continuing to think outside the box and prove why Zoom is the best unified communications platform that can meet the needs of all types of users.”

Zoom for Home will be available in August 2020, priced at $599 (approximately £475).

It will come to Europe, the Middle East and Africa in September, Zoom told The Independent, and UK pricing would be announced later.

This is not the only hardware product Zoom makes; it also offers a 55-inch screen with similar functionality called the DTEN ON, and a similar device called the D7.

However, those products come under the “Zoom Room Appliances” brand and require a separate license, as well as being marketed more directly at businesses. More about Zoom