Woman who avoided kneeling during her traditional marriage further shocks angry Twitter users

Yesterday, a new bride cause a stir on Twitter after she revealed that she and her husband decided that she will not kneel on her traditional marriage day.

Now, she has revealed more and it gets even more dramatic – Eniola said the decision to kneel was reached by herself and her husband. Interestingly, her husband’s family also didn’t have a problem with it.

She especially had the support of her sister-in-law not to kneel – but some Twitter users, mostly men, took up the case and bashed her for not respecting the culture.

Eniola has now revealed that, not only did she not kneel at her trad, she was also not given away by her father during her church wedding, but by her mother.

One Twitter user wrote:

“Lol if you have a problem with kneeling on your traditional wedding , you should pretty much be outraged about the idea of your dad walking you down the aisle. Cos it has a much more “ misogynistic “ meaning.”

And the new bride replied:

“My mom walked me down the aisle. ?? I know someone who walked herself down the aisle because she said she was GIVING HERSELF to her partner. Stannnnnnn!!!!”

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