U.S. Capitol Police are responding to reports that a vehicle hit two officers and that the suspect is in custody

The US Capitol complex in Washington, DC, saw a second major incident this year as a car rammed into one of the barriers surrounding the complex, on Friday, striking two officers.

U.S. Capitol Police tweeted; USCP is responding to the North Barricade vehicle access point along Independence Avenue for reports someone rammed a vehicle into two USCP officers. A suspect is in custody. Both officers are injured. All three have been transported to the hospital.

Due to the external security threat at the North Barricade of the U.S. Capitol, the following road closures are in effect: -Constitution Avenue between Second Street NE and First Street NW. -First Street between Constitution Avenue NE and Independence Avenue SE. The USCP has cleared the external security threat incident located at all of the U.S. Capitol Campus buildings, however the area around the crime scene will continue to be restricted and individuals should follow police direction.

Below is latest information from U.S. Capitol Police;