Two People Dropped Dead In Strange Circumstances At The Refinery Junction, Eleme, Rivers State

Two people on Wednesday morning dropped dead in strange circumstances at the Refinery Junction, Eleme, Rivers State. It was gathered that one of the deceased, a woman in her 60s was said to have dropped dead after disembarking from a commercial motorcycle near the Refinery Junction.

The second person, a man, who was about 70 years old reportedly slumped and died after alighting from a commercial vehicle.

The son of the man, who was contacted through his telephone was said to have arrived at the scene and with the help of other people took the corpse away.

The son was quoted as saying that the deceased was at Eleme to withdraw money at a bank. No one had come to identify the deceased woman or take her corpse away many hours after she dropped dead.

The strange deaths triggered fears about the community spread of the second wave of COVID-19.

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