Tough Talking Governor Wike Debrief the Press on COVID-19, Raised Serious Issues: See Reactions from Nigerians and Major Highlights from His Speech Here

Bako, John Chukwudi April 2020

Governor of Rivers states debriefed the press and good people of Rivers state on the efforts of government in fighting COVID-19 including actions taken by the state since the outbreak of the pandemic.

In his address held at the government house in Port Harcourt, the tough talking Governor Wike used the opportunity to inform the people of Rivers state and Nigeria that the Federal Government has not supported the state in any way not even with test kits or any other medical equipment needed to wage war against the virus.

However, he said, that despite this development his government which was the first to introduced total lockdown and closing of state borders is battle ready for COVID-19.

He rolled out some of the things the state is doing and has done so far including providing palliatives to the poor and vulnerable. Buying food items from farmers and fisher men and putting money in their hands. Establishing cold room for storage and ensuring that people are safe and not violating the stay at home order.

Others major issues raised include.

  • The arrest of the two pilots and apology letter tendered by the MD of the airline
  • Attitudes of some politicians who celebrate their COVID-19 negative test results – “those politicians politicizing COVID19 saying that they were tested Positive and now Negative, they should also make public their HIV Status”.
  • The current status of the two COVID-19 patients recorded in the state: “The second case and only active Covid-19 case in Rivers State has tested negative, will be discharged soon”.

The governor during his mind-blowing speech also said. (As put by the Governor)

  • “They say I’m not behaving like a Governor. How does a Governor behave? A Governor behaves by letting his people die?” “If you want me to work with you, you talk with me, you don’t give me directives”
  • “You do business here, make your billions here then when there’s a pandemic and it’s time to support you take your money somewhere else. You will hear from us when this whole thing is over”
  • “They say I’m not behaving like a Governor. How does a Governor behave? A Governor behaves by letting his people die?” “If you want me to work with you, you talk with me, you don’t give me directives”
  • “Nobody can use Rivers State as a toy, I will use this ExxonMobil matter to expose lots of people in Abuja.”
  • “I don’t take order from Abuja but from Rivers people. If they want to work with me they should come, I will not go and beg them. If they want war we will fight and I will make sure people of Rivers State are protected from coronavirus.”
  • “We don’t have money to go to channels and other stations because federal government has not given us money. If they give us I will invite you.”
  • “They don’t like Rivers State that’s why they can approve flights AGAIN after the Carveton case to come and drill oil without knowing their COVID-19 status I know they don’t like me. I have defeated them twice and I’ll continue to defeat them.”
  • “A Syrian was kidnapped in Eko Hotel in Lagos, no media carried the news. But if it was just an ordinary wheelbarrow pusher in Rivers State, it will be everywhere in the news, Federal Government will send signal that Rivers State is not safe. That’s how they demarket Rivers State”

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