Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Call On Vice President Mike Pence to Invoke the 25th Amendment to Remove Trump

This morning, @SenSchumer and I placed a call to Vice President Pence to urge him to invoke the 25th Amendment which would allow the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet to remove the President. We have not yet heard back from the Vice President.

Pelosi said in her tweets that the President’s dangerous acts necessitate his immediate removal from office. We look forward to hearing from the Vice President as soon as possible and to receiving a positive answer as to whether he and the Cabinet will honor their oath to the Constitution and to Americans.

Meanwhile in a related tweets Senator Schumer said that what happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by President Trump. This president must not hold office one day longer.

He maintained that the quickest and most effective way it can be done today—to remove this president from office would be for the Vice President to immediately invoke the 25th amendment. If the Vice President and the Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress must reconvene to impeach President Trump.