Sarah Palin Says Donald Trump’s Presidency Is Being Hijacked

he ‘Swamp’ is trying to hijack Donald Trump’s presidency, claims Sarah Palin

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin – previously a vociferous supporter of Donald Trump – has claimed his anti-establishment candidacy is being “hijacked by the swamp”.

The former Alaska governor, who was John McCain’s Republican running mate in 2008, has thrown by her high-profile support behind an “insurgent” candidate in an Alabama senate race who is challenging the candidate supported by Mr Trump.

Ms Palin, a powerful figure within the Tea Party movement that predated Mr Trump’s anti-mainstream candidacy, claimed she was not challenging Mr Trump. But she, former White House strategist Steve Bannon and former Trump administration security adviser Sebastian Gorka, are all supporting former senior judge Roy Moore, while Mr Trump is supporting Luther Strange, a state politician and prosecutor.

“A vote for Judge Moore isn’t a vote against the President, it is a vote for the people’s agenda that elected the President,” Mr Palin said at a raucous Thursday night rally in Montgomery which followed a debate between Mr Strange and Mr Moore.

In a reference to Hillary Clinton’s description of Mr Trump’s supporters, she added: “He was deplorable before being deplorable was cool…..The forgotten man and woman in this country, they stood up, and we beat the swamp. But, alas, 10 months later, guys, the swamp, it’s trying to hijack this presidency.”

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