The couple reportedly wanted to wed at Frogmore House, where they had their engagement photos taken last month.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Denied Their Dream Wedding Location: Find out Why

A May wedding at Windsor Castle is set for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but it turns out that the couple would have rather had it elsewhere. And here we thought every lady in the world would die to be married in a castle!

    • The couple reportedly wanted to wed at Frogmore House, where they had their engagement photos taken last month.


      Frogmore also has a special meaning for Harry and Meghan, as it’s reportedly where they enjoyed romantic picnics last summer while they were dating. It’s also been a spot for royal weddings in the past, as Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips married his Canadian girlfriend Autumn Kelly there in 2008.

      According to the Express, Queen Elizabeth also would have enjoyed having the wedding at Frogmore House. A source close to the royals explained, “One person who would have readily approved of their choice was the Queen, for whom Frogmore is a very special place. The Queen would also have loved the family to see what had been done at Frogmore: the house has just been renovated by a group of friends as a 70th wedding anniversary gift to her and Philip.”

  • Although it’s a second place to Meghan’s “dreamy” Frogmore, they will wed in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, with the reception in the Hall.

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    An insider revealed to the Daily Mail, “They would have loved Frogmore for the party, particularly Meghan who has called it ‘dreamy’, but they have been told St. George’s Hall is far more practical.”

    We just hope that Meghan is getting something resembling the wedding of her dreams. It already sounds like it’s going to be a bigger party than she wanted, but with all the fanfare involved, we can’t blame the royal advisers who suggested Windsor.

    The real question though is — what is she going to wear?

    Splash/Inbal Dror

    Designer Inbal Dror was asked by Kensington Palace to send over some wedding dress sketches, and we’re in love with what she came up with. We doubt that Meg will be wearing an exact replica, but it looks like it will definitely have that old-fashioned, dreamy quality.


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