Police Investigates the Deaths of a Greatwood Nigerian Couple Found in their Home In Texas

Sugar Land police are investigating the deaths of a Greatwood Nigerian couple found in their home Friday morning. 

An investigator on the scene told Khou.com that it’s a possible murder-suicide. 

“It’s a dynamic situation still right now. We’re getting information in, literally, by the minute, but we are still standing by waiting to process the scene and determine more,” Sugar Land Police Sgt. Sgt. Matt Levan said.

Okigbo reportedly shot his wife, Theresa who was a licensed nurse before killing himself. Both of them hailed from Delta State of Nigeria.

According to Sugar Land police in Texas, the deceased also attempted to kill his 21-year-old sons by strangling them after shooting his wife.

The sons survived the attack with injuries that are not life-threatening.

“On Friday morning, a daughter, who doesn’t live at home, went there after she became concerned. She wasn’t injured.

“Someone in the house called 9-1-1 Friday morning around 10 a.m. from home in the 1500 block of Brookstone Lane. When officers arrived, they found the couple’s bodies inside. They were both in their 50s.

“A neighbour said they were originally from Nigeria but had lived in the Greatwood home for about 20 years. She said she spoke to the wife a few days ago and nothing seemed out of the ordinary,” the police said.