PAINFUL: Sick Prison Inmate in Delta state Dies Hours After Fellow Inmates Contributed Money for His Treatment

An inmate in the Ogwashi Ukwu Prison, Smart Ohuzu, died yesterday morning hours after his inmates contributed money for him to be taken to the hospital. According to Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, the CEO of an NGO, Behind Bars Intervention, who shared the story online, prison officers had asked that the inmates contribute N5000 for the deceased to be taken to the hospital. Read his account of the story below…

Prison Authorities Out of Negligence kills Smart Ohuzu (Awaiting Trial prisoner)

Yesterday, another one happened. This is the worst. This time is a young man who was just remanded in Prison by a Delta State Magistrate court.

Two months he has been sick. Fellow inmates have been begging the prison Authorities to please take Smart Ohuzu to the hospital.

Yesterday morning, the sickness became worse and Prison Authorities called on the cell leader to gather N5000 from cell mates so they can transport him to Ogwashi Uku General hospital.

The poor prisoners contributed money. Some contributed 10naira, some 50naira and they were able to contribute 3,500naira. The money was remaining 1,500naira. These got Prison officers angry and refused to take Smart Ohuzu to hospital.

Inmates who saw Smart Ohuzu on the floor struggling, rush back to the cell and one inmate gave out the 1,500naira to enable officers take Smart Ohuzu to the Hospital.

Smart Ohuzu was rushed to Ogwashi Uku General hospital after they have collected the the money contributed. Getting to the hospital, the Doctors treated him and referred them to Federal Medical Center or Okwe General Hospital. The Doctor complained that they will stop accepting inmates from Ogwashi Uku Prison and they are always bringing inmates for treatment at the point of Death.

The officers, instead of taking Smart Ohuzu to the hospital the Doctor referred them, with chains on his leg they led him into the Green Maria (Black Maria) and took him back to the prison yard complaining of Man-power.

Smart Ohuzu was then chained and left in the cold, struggled and died with tears in his eyes.

Smart Ohuzu died three hours after he was forcefully brought back to into the prison yard.

The inmates can’t complain, if they do, they either change their cell or punish them.

The pictures attached are the Awaiting trial prisoners we rescued last year but unfortunately they both died and many the law states are Innocent until Proven guilty are dying daily.

“A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones
#NelsonMandela, Long Walk to Freedom

We members of Behind Bars Intervention hereby, state as follows

1. Minister of Interior ( Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau ) and Controller General of Prisons Mr. JA’AFARU AHMED should resign or build health centers in all the prison especially Ogwashi Uku Prison, Delta State

2. Minister of interior/ CG Prisons should make available to the General public the names of all Awaiting trial prisoners that died in custody from 2013 till date (close to 1000) or we will be forced to publish their names.

3. Minister of interior/CG Prisons should urgently rally round and setup Toilet facilities for prison inmates to reduce infection as 150 inmates uses just two WC. (More Explanation to this)

Prisoner dies hours after his fellow inmates contributed money for him to be taken to the hospital in Delta state

4. Minister of Interior/CG Prisons should write/sign and put up a sign in each prison in Nigeria that “VISIT IS FREE” just the way they have “Bail Is Free In Police stations.

5. Minister of interior /CG prisons should answer this question “Are Prisoners supposed to pay for water, light, hospital medication, repairs damage vehicle and pay transportation to court? If NO, Please start fighting corrupt practices from Delta State Prison.

6. Minister of interior/CG Prisons, Our phone conversation last year, after we published pictures of two Malnourished inmates who later died, you promised that the leaving conditions of these inmates especially Awaiting trial prisoners will improve. Sir, what have you done to improve their leaving condition?

The last panel you setup to investigate the former death was a wash. They were entertained in Ogwashi Uku town, they ate Fresh fish and drank beer with Brown envelop attach. (Pictures will be made public soon)

Sir, Behind Bars Intervention is made up of ex Awaiting Trial Prisoners, Young Nigerians 24hours ready to help help this Nation leave up to expectations. We were once innocently in Prison. Please take this issues seriously and please don’t rush to the media to counter the above. Our findings comes with Facts with picture evidence.

Sir, Sack the Top Prison officers who uses this prison to enrich themselves and put innocent prisoners to death, Partner with other stakeholders to decongest the prison, Declare Health Emergency in all the Prisons now or Shut down Ogwashi Uku Prison. We nothing is done, we will Lawfully gather 4,250 families of those in Delta Prison for a Nationwide Peaceful protest.

Prince Gwamnishu Harrison
Behind Bars Intervention
Whatsapp: 09068773333

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