One Woman Dead, Three Others (a Man, Woman and a Baby) Rescued by Firefighters In a House Fire In Northwest London

A woman has died in a house fire thought to have been caused by a gas explosion.About 70 firefighters were called to a block of flats in Harrow, northwest London, just before 1am on Sunday.The first floor of the house had partially collapsed.

A house fire in Harrow. Pic: @rahmanalanezi
Image: The fire is suspected to have been caused by a gas explosion. Pic: @rahmanalanezi

A man, woman and baby were rescued by firefighters who used ladders and breathing apparatus. The woman and baby were taken to hospital by ambulance. But London Fire Brigade said another woman had died at the scene.

Fire in Harrow
Image: The first floor of the house has partially collapsed

About 40 residents nearby were told to leave their homes and some roads in the area were closed.

A fire at a block of flats in Harrow
Image: The back of the building, which has been badly damaged

Pictures from the scene showed the ruined home surrounded by rubble and firefighters dousing the flames.

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