OJ Simpson Spotted At Vegas Wine Bar Having Chats With Ladies and Taking Selfies with Fans

Paroled OJ Simpson was drinking the juice of an adult beverage kind in Las Vegas on Friday while chatting up women during his evening on the town.

The 70-year-old felon seems to be making the most of his new freedom as he ordered drinks and took pictures with fans at the upscale Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar.

Simpson seemed to be relishing the attention of the ladies in the house as he talked with an array of women and appeared animated during his outing.

The conditions of Simpson’s parole allow him to ‘consume alcoholic beverages but not to excess’. He will occasionally be tested for it, but if his BAC is under .08, he’s in the clear.

Simpson was released from a Nevada prison two weeks ago after serving nine years for armed robbery.The most liked felon took photos with fans as he enjoyed drinks out on the town at the upscale Vegas bar 

Since his release, he’s taken a few trips around Nevada, one of those being a visit to the Las Vegas Police Department to register as part of his parole

Simpson was spotted ordering takeout last week at Wahoos Fish Taco restaurant in Las Vegas.

He’s also been golfing and lounging by the pool at the multi-million dollar mansion he is staying in.

Newly paroled Simpson chatted with several ladies during his night out on the town 

The 70-year-old was seen laughing with other patrons at Wahoos during the video as he sported a white visor and a light blue polo shirt.

OJ Simpson bellied up to the bar the upscale Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar Friday night 

The conditions of his parole dictate he must report to his state parole officer on a monthly basis and obtain permission from the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation when he changes his residence.

The 70-year-old was paroled from Lovelock Correctional Center on October 1 after being sentenced to between nine and 33 years in jail for robbery and kidnapping in 2008.

In September of 2007, Simpson led a group of men into the Palace Station hotel and casino to retrieve sports memorabilia at gunpoint. Simpson admitted to taking the items, but insisted they had been stolen from him.

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