Nigeria’s politics for the learners: Lekan Fatodu writes on Tope Shonubi kneeling before President Buhari in Washington

Over the weekend, President Buhahi’s media aides shared this photo of Tope Shonubi, one of the co-founders of Sahara Energy kneeling to greet him at the Blair House, Washington.

The photo has since gone viral and UK based journalist, Lekan Fatodu writes about it and Nigerian politics saying ‘its for the learners’.

According to Fatodu, ‘Nigeria’s politics for the learners. Take it or not, electoral success in Nigeria is determined by three powerful interests – political elites, economic elites and the grassroots people’.

With the powerful political elites right now, we have the APC and PDP. Just like the Labour and Conservatives in the UK and Democrats and Republicans in the US to mention a few. So the talk from the Third Force and similar Forces in Nigeria right now it’s still what it is – mere talk.

On the economic elites, we have people like Tope Shonubi (co-founder of the multi-million dollars oil company Sahara Energy who is on his knee before Pres. Buhari in the US in this pic) and there’s also the Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote (also in the pic with Pres. Buhari in US) amonsgt other strong ecomonic factors. No election has ever put these money men in terrible dilemma like Jonathan Vs Buhari contest. But most of them were smart by “moonlighting” for the two candidates then. As it’s been said now, in the absence of a battle like GEJ Vs PMB in 2019 , the economic elites now have a common candidate & goal.

On the grassroots, with over 100 million out of 180 people faced with abject poverty (according to statistics by government & international agencies) and are spread across 36 states and 774 local governments which are under the control of the political elites, sadly the “Stomach Care” remains an instrument to get votes.

To those brimming with better ideas on leadership and governance, the best starting point, for now, are the well established structures or the dominant parties. This will enable strategic infiltration and population of superior minds and thinking and improvement within the structures.

For now, the Interests are still in charge. If you are in doubt, Feb. 2019 is around the corner

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