Nigerian Footballer Chikelu Ofoedu Confronts Military Man Who Slapped Him During a Road Rage Incident

Footballer Chikelu Ofoedu was filmed confronting a soldier who slapped him on the road.

The footballer, who plays for Maccabi Tel Aviv, explained in the video shared online that the soldier, identified simply as Nasiru, had taken “one-way” yet refused to accept he was wrong and he slapped him rather than admit his error.

He’s seen asking the soldier why he slapped him and refused to let the soldier drive off.

On his part, the soldier came out of his car with a machete then charged at Chikelu with it.

A female soldier tried to hold the male soldier back but he dismissed her and continued threatening Chikelu.

A friend of Chikelu’s is also seen asking Nasiru why he slapped the footballer and the soldier threatened to slap him too.

Despite efforts from other soldiers to talk to Nasiru, he refused to calm down and apologize to Chikelu. Chikelu on his part refused to let the soldier drive off.

Watch the video below.