New York City: Two Children Dies From the Flu

Two children have died as a result of the flu in New York City, adding to a growing list of fatal influenza cases nationwide this season.

Amely Baez, 8, of Queens died Monday after being rushed to the hospital with flu symptoms, according to Pix11. Another unidentified pediatric patient passed away due to complications associated with the flu as well.

Over 2,000 New Yorkers died from the flu and pneumonia, a common flu-related complication, in 2015, the last year with records available, according to a release from the New York City Health Department. Last season, 106 children around the country died from the flu; six of those deaths were in New York City. In a press conference, New York officials said they did not yet have information on adult flu-related deaths.

Officials encouraged people to get the flu vaccine, adding that it’s not too late to do so. They added that even if the vaccine does not prevent the flu entirely, it can help alleviate symptoms and complications from the illness. Residents of New York City were also encouraged to utilize the city’s paid sick leave program to stay home from work if they fall ill to avoid spreading the flu.

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