NCDC Confirms Eight New Cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria

The ravaging coronavirus has started to have its effect on Africa and specifically on Nigeria the most populous black nation in the world. On Saturday, Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) announced that the center has confirmed eight new cases of coronavirus in the country.

These new cases fearfully have brought the total number of people with the coronavirus in Nigeria to 97. The center said on its Twitter handle that two new cases were discovered in Abuja, four in Oyo, and one each in Kaduna and Osun States. It said: “Eight new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Nigeria; 2 in FCT, 4 in Oyo, 1 in Kaduna and 1 in Osun State. As at 10:40 pm 28th March, there are 97 confirmed cases of #COVID-19 reported in Nigeria with 1 death. “For a breakdown of cases by states in real-time, Lagos- 59; FCT- 16; Ogun- 3; Enugu- 2; Ekiti- 1; Oyo- 7; Edo- 2; Bauchi- 2; Osun-2; Rivers-1; Benue- 1 and Kaduna- 1.”

The break down per sate are: Lagos- 59, FCT- 16, Ogun- 3, Enugu- 2, Ekiti- 1, Oyo- 7, Edo- 2, Bauchi- 2, Osun-2, Rivers-1, Benue- 1, Kaduna- 1