VIDEO: Naked Woman Chases Another Female Customer Around a Pool Hall While Wielding a Cue

Nude Woman with Pool Cue
Nude Woman with Pool Cue

A naked woman wielding a pool cue chased a female customer around a pool hall at a bar in Washington state, according to a video taken earlier this month.

The Daily Mail reports that a shocked spectator filmed the video in a Bellevue bar as the naked woman shouted at another female bar patron.

The nude woman then approached the bar patron, seized her pool cue, and chased her around the pool table with the cue in hand.

It is unclear what triggered the nude woman’s outburst, but she can be heard yelling, “Do you see any damn pills?” several times. It is possible that the other woman provoked her off-camera before the camera began recording.

The nude woman’s target dashed out of the way to avoid further violence and tried to avoid being hit with the cue.

Amidst the shouting and yelling, onlookers from behind the camera muttered, “What the f*** is going on?”

The video ended once the woman gathered her clothes from the floor and walked to the bathroom to get dressed.

This is not the first time people have used pool cues to chase people around. In New Zealand, two people were arrested in 2016 for chasing their victim through a cemetery with a pool cue following a domestic dispute


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