Miracle as a Teenager is Rescued Alive After Falling Ten Metres Down a Waterfall and Landing on a Cliff Edge

A teenager has been rescued after falling off a cliff at a national park in the Northern Territory, Australia.

The 17-year-old fell from the top of Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory police said on Thursday, April 15.

He was stranded about ten metres from the top of Florence Fall.

Fortunately, he was rescued by emergency service volunteers who hauled him to the top of the waterfall using ropes.

The teen suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was flown to Royal Darwin Hospital in a rescue helicopter.

The Florence Falls is a popular swimming spot for tourists and locals in Litchfield National Park, about 100km southwest of Darwin.

Youths are often seen climbing to the top of cliffs and jumping into the waterhole about 20 metres below.