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Meghan Markle Accidentally Exposed Her Bra and Everyone’s Making WAY Too Big a Deal of It

Yesterday, Meghan Markle celebrated her 37th birthday by attending the wedding of Prince Harry’s best friend Charlie van Straubenzee. And, per usual, she looked extremely chic in a Club Monaco dress, paired with Aquazzura shoes and a Philip Treacy hat.

But apparently at one point Meghan’s dress unbuttoned and showed just a hint of her black lace bra, and naturally the internet is spiraling over her having a “wardrobe malfunction.” (To be clear, if a “wardrobe malfunction” is accidentally showing an inch of your bra, I have one every damn day.)

Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

It honestly looks like Meghan’s dress may have been styled to show a little lace, but either way, this isn’t that big of a deal? Women wear bras? Like…cool?

Unfortunately, because the internet is obsessed with policing what Meghan wears, social media isn’t exactly at its best right now:

Again, louder for the people at the back: Women! Wear! Bras! And it’s also fine not to wear a bra! Basically, what people do with their undergarments is none of anyone’s business, the end.


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