Mathura Jail Set to Hang Woman Convict, Shabnam Ali, Her 12-year-old Son Urge President to Save His Mom

Shabnam Ali a female convict sentenced to death for killing seven members of her family while they were asleep in 2008 has sought mercy from the Governor of India’s Uttar Pradesh state. She made a fresh appeal to the Governor on Thursday, 18 February 2021.

Shabnam Ali’s victims included her parents and 10-month-old nephew. She had mixed their food with sedatives and slit their throats as they were all asleep.

Shabnam Ali who was two months pregnant at that time and gave birth to a boy in jail plotted to kill her family for being against their marriage with her lover Salim, as the man was from a different caste. Her lover Salim as well has been sentenced to death. The two have admitted their crime.

In December 2008, Shabnam Ali gave birth to a child in jail and named the boy Mohammed Taj.

Taj Mohammed after he was separated from his mother has lived in a children’s home. Reports said, Taj was later adopted by Shabnam’s friend when he turned six years old.

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Meanwhile, following the confirmation of the death sentence to Shabnam, the first woman to be hanged in independent India, her 12-year-old son Taj Mohammed has again appealed to the President of India, seeking clemency for his mother, Indian News Agency, ANI reported.

In a petition written with chalk on a board, Taj Mohammed has requested the President to consider his mother’s case once more and pardon her life.

The appeal by Shabnam’s son is coming at a time when the death warrant for executing her at the Mathura Jail is due to be signed anytime from now, report says. In his appeal to the President, Taj Mohammed asked him to pardon his mother`s atrocious crime.

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Shabnam has also filed a fresh mercy petition before UP Governor Anandiben Patel which has been rejected by the Governor and President. Shabnam who is presently lodged in Rampur district jail and Salim lodged in Agra prison is most likely to be hanged soon after a death warrant is issued.