Man 40, Found Alive After Being Wrongly Declared Dead by Doctors and Stored in Mortuary Freezer

A 40-year-old man was found alive after being wrongly declared dead by doctors. Sreekesh Kumar was critically injured by a speeding motorcycle, was mistakenly declared dead, and was stored in a mortuary freezer for seven hours.

Medical staff were stunned when he showed signs of life as police arrived to identify the body and arrange an autopsy with his relatives.

The electrician’s family rushed him to hospital on Thursday, Nov. 18, after he was involved in an accident in the Indian city of Morabadad, Uttar Pradesh.

Man mistakenly declared dead and placed in mortuary freezer is found alive after 7 hours

He was declared dead shortly after arriving, but when police visited the following morning, relatives noticed signs of movement and alerted doctors.

Recording the discovery, Mr Kuma’s sister-in-law Madhu Bala shouted: “He’s not dead, in fact far from it. How did this happen? Look, he wants to say something, he is breathing.”

Moradabad’s chief medical superintendent, Dr Shiv Singh, described the incident as the “rarest of rare cases”.

Dr Shiv Singh told the Times of India: “The emergency medical officer had seen the patient at around 3am and there was no heartbeat. He told me he had examined the man multiple times.

“Therefore he was declared dead. In the morning, a police team and his family found him alive.”

Rajendra Kumar, the hospital’s medical superintendent described the situation as “nothing short of a miracle.”

Man mistakenly declared dead and placed in mortuary freezer is found alive after 7 hours

After the shocking discovery, Mr Kumar was taken back to hospital and was put on a ventilator as he remained in a coma.

Unfortunately, he eventually died on Tuesday, Nov. 23, as doctors were reportedly unable to operate on him because of a bleeding disorder.

Mr Kumar’s family said he had a clot in his brain and have since vowed to take legal action against all those responsible for his death.

Dr Singh said the district’s health department is now investigating the matter.