Man 29, Jailed for Beating Up His Girlfriend Because He Feared Her Ex-lovers Had Bigger Penis Than Him

A thug has been jailed for beating up his girlfriend because he feared one of her ex-lovers had a bigger penis than him.

Nathan Galvin became obsessed with the size of his manhood after spotting his partner’s former boyfriend at a school reunion.

An argument about the former lovers’ sex life ensued, during which the aggressive Galvin throttled her in a 20-minute attack and threatened to ‘kick her across the kitchen’.

When a judge sentenced the thug to three years in jail, he turned to his crying victim who was in the public gallery of Canterbury Crown Court and made a gun gesture with his fingers towards her, for which he was given an additional four months.

Galvin of Ramsgate, Kent, has eight previous assault convictions including four against previous partners and two on his sister.

The abuser became upset after the party wanting to know whether the former partner had a bigger penis and started his attack by pulling his girlfriend’s hair.

Eight days later he again demanded to know from the terrified mother-of-two whether her ex was well-endowed and whether he gave her more pleasure in bed than him.

The argument led to a 20-minute attack in which he throttled her and left her body covered ‘from head to toe’ in bruises.

Galvin, 29, was jailed for three years after admitting two assaults on the day of his trial.

He was also branded a danger to women after the court heard four previous lovers and even his sister had been on the receiving end of his violence.

But even after sentencing Galvin smirked as he looked across to the public gallery at Canterbury Crown Court and made a gun gesture with his fingers to his crying victim.

Just 15 minutes later, he was hauled back before the judge and given an extra four months for contempt of court.

Sentencing Judge Rupert Lowe told him: ‘You are a man who has significant problems with women, and a danger to society.

He added Galvin’s ‘insane jealousy’ meant he posed a threat to any woman he was in a relationship with.

The judge continued: ‘The risk of you causing serious harm to the next woman you start a relationship with is, on any view, very high.’

Earlier, prosecutor James Cartwright told the court how in October last year Galvin and his girlfriend of 10 months had gone to a school function where one of her ex-partners was also there.

He said: ‘The defendant got upset and wanted to know whether the former partner had a bigger penis.

‘He grabbed her hair, pulling out some.’

Eight days later, Galvin made similar remarks following another visit to the school, which ‘reflected his insecurity’.

He accused her of ‘perving over’ her ex, and demanded to know whether he performed ‘better in bed’.

Mr Cartwright said Galvin then punched his victim in the left ear before putting his hands around her throat and squeezing.

As the victim pleaded with him: ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’, he told her that if she passed out he would ‘kick her across the kitchen’.

The prosecutor said the attack – which took place while her children were in the house – only ended when she managed to call a friend who came to her home and helped her escape.

The judge banned him for life from going anywhere near the home of his ex-partner, adding: ‘You represent the highest risk to any woman with whom you begin a relationship.’

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