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Male and Female Condom and Lubricant Use by Non-Brothel Based Female Sex Workers in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State: Acceptability and Obstacles

Author(s): John Chukwudi Bako, Olubunmi Michael Titus

Institute(s): 1Franspat Group, Lagos, Nigeria, 2Action E3 on AIDS Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria, 3Society for Family Health, Ibadan, Nigeria, 4Society for Family Health, Abuja, Nigeria

Poster Presentation: 20th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Rwanda (ICASA 2019) Kigali 2 – 7 December 2019.

Background: Despite the extensive literature on barriers and facilitators of condom use among both males and females, studies have not taken into cognizance the understanding of individual differences with regards to adoption and utilization of lubricant and condoms as health behaviour. This study examines the factors that influence use of safe sex products among Non-Brothel Based FSWs (NBFSWs) selected from hots pots in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Method: The study was a descriptive cross-sectional survey involving 250 FSWs in brothel across intervention sites selected through a multistage sampling technique. The survey was carried out using pre-tested structured questionnaires consisted of demographic characteristics, sexual activity, transactional sex, awareness of male/female condom, attitude towards the female condom/lubricant and perceived confidence to use condom. FSWs were recruited from the entertainment venues where there is significant concentration of high risk groups transacting sex.

Results: Out of the 250 sex in the study, majority (64.4%) of them belonged to the age group of 25–35 years. Most (72.6%) were single/living alone, or with friends/family members. The rest were either married (24.7%) or separated/widowed (2.7%). More than half of the sex workers received formal education, with close to half of them still in tertiary institutions. More than half of the sex workers (51.4%) did not use condoms consistently during sex with clients. Nearly 60% of respondents had “never” used a condom with their boyfriends/regular partners. Lubricant use is low as majority of the girls interviewed said they have not used or purchases the product before. Majority (78.8%) had ever consumed alcohol in their lives and of these, 13% consumed it daily, 43.8% consumed it at least once a week, and 13.7% had it monthly. Entertainment venues were found to provide a high-risk environment for transactional sex. Poverty, male partner refusal to use a condom, trust, alcohol use and beliefs that condom use kills the mood for sex remain key obstacle to consistent condom.

Conclusion: Strategies for safe sex-behaviour are needed among non-brothel sex workers in order to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic among them and in the general population.

Category: C32. Prevention Programmes in Institutional and Community Settings

Preferred Presentation Type: Scientific Research

Abstract Reference Number THPEC166

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