KATE Upton showed off her sensational figure in a metallic swimsuit

The 25-year-old model wore a revealing gold one-piece which she pulled up over her hips to flash even more flesh as she struck a series of poses.

The swimsuit also included a low cut neckline which revealed her impressive cleavage and as she turned to the side, she also revealed her pert bottom.

Kate then switched into a brown bikini which allowed her to show off her flat stomach and bust.

However, the star seemed to be struggling with the neckline as she was pictured looking down and adjusting it, before members of the crew came over and fiddled with it as well.

Kate has had a busy few days filming on the beach on the Caribbean island of Aruba but ended up falling into the water off some rocks during one shot.

The star was posing topless in a tulle skirt on a rock when disaster struck.

Trying to protect her modesty with her hands, the model lost her balance and fell from the rock into the crashing waves.

As the skirt slipped down, revealing her bare bum in the process, the photographer tried to grab her.

But it wasn’t enough and she went crashing into the water – leaving her hair soaking but otherwise uninjured.

Showing what a good sport she is, Kate emerged from the water smiling and laughing, while the concerned crew members checked she was OK.

Kate is well known for her work with Sports Illustrated over the years and was named Rookie Of The Year following her first appearance in the mag in 2011.

She has since been the cover model for the 2012, 2013 and 2017 issues and has now moved into acting, having starred alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman in 2014.

 Kate Upton showed off her sensational figure in a metallic swimsuit in Aruba

 Kate was shooting on the Caribbean Island for Sports Illustrated

 Kate then changed into a brown bikini

 A member of the crew adjusted the beauty's bikini top for her

 Kate has appeared in the magazine on a number of occasions

 The 25-year-old has also moved into acting as well as modelling


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