Kanye West Has Dropped His 2020 Presidential Bid

Kanye West has dropped his short-lived 2020 White House bid, a political adviser close to West tells New York Magazine, just one week after the rapper-turned presidential candidate confirmed he was serious about running in a wide-ranging interview with Forbes.

Earlier this month, West announced his intention to run for president in an abrupt message on Twitter, after previously stating he’d run for president in 2024. Several days later, the rapper confirmed he was serious about a third party bid under a new banner, “the Birthday Party,” in an interview with Forbes. West also opened up to Forbes about his opposition to President Trump, who he originally supported. “I am taking the red hat off, with this interview,” West said

West jumped into the presidential race extremely late, and political analysts noted the rapper would struggle to get on the ballot in many states. When West announced, deadlines had already passed to file as an independent candidate in Texas, Indiana, New Mexico and North Carolina.