Italy Records Total of 627 Coronavirus Deaths in a Day, Highest Ever Since the Outbreak

Bako, John Chukwudi

Italy has recorded the highest number of deaths as a result of coronavirus in a day.

Civil Protection Chief Angelo Borrelli said on Friday that Italy recorded 627 more deaths in the 24 hours since Italy surpassed China on Thursday as the nation with the most COVID-19-related deaths. The total number of death now stands at 4,032.

Authorities in Italy said most of the people who died from COVID-19 had existing health problems such as heart disease and diabetes before they were infected with the virus.

The entire nation is on total lockdown as stringent measure to curb the ravaging spread of the deathly COVID-19.

There reports that Mayors and governors in Italy are demanding even stricter measures which Italy’s national government is widely expected to respond soon.

Authorities in Italy had explained that the outbreak of the virus which started in the country in the northern part of the country in four weeks ago could reach its peak in a matter of days and the number of new infections might start getting down.