Iran Sentences Wrestling Champ Navid Afkari to Death Over Peaceful Protests

An Iranian wrestling champ is slated to be executed over his alleged role in a 2018 protest against the government … and now people from all over the world are begging for mercy.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Court confirmed 27-year-old Navid Afkari received TWO death sentences for participating in protests against the government’s economic policies.

Afkari is a decorated wrestler in Iran who has medaled in multiple national tournaments, according to several reports.

Navid and his 2 brothers were each charged with more than 20 different crimes — including “attending illegal gatherings, assembly and conspiracy to commit crimes against national security, and insulting the supreme leader.”

All 3 men were found guilty — but Navid is the only one set to die for the alleged crimes.

His brothers each received lengthy prison sentences — and were ordered to receive 74 lashes.

In addition to his death sentences, Navid is also set to receive 74 lashes.

Navid’s mother made a video condemning the sham trial against her sons … calling it an “unjust court hearing full of lies.”

“My sons were not able to defend themselves at all.”

Also, The Human Rights Activists News Agency says it has a letter from Navid explaining how Iranian authorities used torture to extract confessions.

In the purported letter, Navid says his captures used a plastic bag to cover his head and poured alcohol into his nostrils.

No word on when Navid will be executed — but watchdog groups are calling for foreign governments to intervene quickly … before it’s too late.