ICASA2019: Community Organizations are Essential to Reach the Hardest to Reach Populations – Global Fund

By Ogundele Raphael ICASA 2019

At the on going International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa holding in Kigali Rwanda, Global Fund representative highlighted the importance of engaging community organizations in the fight against AIDS. Global Fund revealed that community organizations are essential to reach the hardest to reach populations. These organizations according to the Global Fund need resources to grow, opportunities to network, and support to strengthen their response.

Speaking in one of the sessions Kate Thomson, Global Fund Head of Community Rights and Gender asserts that community led monitoring helps improve responsiveness, quality of programs, access, and enables communities to hold service providers and decision-makers to account.

Kate Thomson stated further that “Key and under served populations need to be at the front of all United Health Care efforts. Accodring to her, that’s the only way to ensure we leave no one behind.

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