Grammy-nominated Rapper DMX Hospitalized, In Grave Condition Following a Heart Attack

Grammy-nominated rapper DMX was hospitalized Friday night and is said to be in grave condition following a heart attack, his attorney says.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was at his home around 11 p.m. Friday when he suffered the heart attack, his longtime lawyer, Murray Richman, said. He was immediately hospitalized in grave condition, he said.

Medical personnel at the critical care unit at a White Plains, New York, hospital began working on Simmons immediately and had to resuscitate him, he said.

“He was on life support,” Richman said. “He’s been taken off of life support. He is breathing on his own but there is a little brain activity.”

The attorney said he did not know what caused the heart attack.

“Earl is a sweet guy,” Richman said. “Earl was a person who could tell such a story. He was a person with such depth. It’s a heartbreaker.”

The rapper, 50, has opened up in the past about his struggles with drug addiction, for which he attended rehabilitation on several occasions.