Friends set up camera to record wildlife at night but never expected to see THIS

CREEPY footage appears to have captured a mysterious three-eyed creature – and no-one is able to explain it.

Two friends from Finland wanted to test out a new trail camera in some nearby woodland.

They faced the camera towards a spot where they though wild animals might be and left it overnight.

They returned to see what they’d caught on camera the next morning with nothing interesting turning up.

After repositioning the camera the pair still found nothing.

But on the third night, when they went to check on the camera, it was gone.

They discovered it lying in someone’s back garden as they made their way home.

When they went to check on what the camera had photographed, the friends were shocked.

They uploaded two photos that had been taken overnight online and got a massive response from users on Reddit.

In one photo, the shot was out of focus and brightly coloured.

In the other, the background was much clearer and it remained in black and white.

Terrifyingly, three glowing eyes belonging to a mystery creature can be seen hiding in the bushes.

No-one who looked at the image could find any explanation for it.

The pals were so shocked by what they saw they decided to set up a live camera feed for the woodland area and are yet to monitor it.

“Why did he have three eyes though? This is creepy as hell,” one viewer said online.

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