Father of the 19-year-old Bride, Fatima Aliyu, Killed by Her Co-wife Days After her Wedding Wants the Killers Executed

The father of the 19-year-old bride, Fatima Aliyu, who was killed by her co-wife 50 days after her wedding, has demanded the execution of those behind the gruesome murder of his daughter. Niger State Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Adamu confirmed that the principal suspect, Amina and three other suspected accomplices have been arrested.

Fatima Aliyu’s father, Malam Ibrahim Yayaha Sidi Na Khalifa, said he wants justice to take its course by ensuring that the perpetrators of the heinous act are brought to book. He said in Islam, there is nothing wrong when somebody who is wronged decides to seek justice, adding that the Holy Qur’an has clearly spelt out the punishment for someone who kills another without a just cause.

“I will never forgive the blood of my daughter. The Qur’an says ‘We had ordained for them a life for a life’…, so I want to see that judgement is passed on the perpetrators of this dreadful act,” he said.

“No! I will never forgive them. If it was an accident or unintentional manslaughter, that is a different issue. But you beat my daughter to death and as if that was not enough, you also set her body ablaze, that I will never forgive,” he added, weeping profusely.

Malam Na Khalifa said he received the news of the death of his daughter with mixed feelings of happiness and anguish, explaining that the happiness was borne out of the conviction that, “the Prophet Muhammad, who does not tell anything but the truth, had given glad tidings to anyone killed unjustly that they will abide in paradise.

“Based on those glad tidings, I have no iota of doubt that my daughter will be among the dwellers of the paradise and that makes me happy. But I am grieved and it is really agonising bearing in mind that I will see her no more in this world and I am pained thinking what she went through in the hands of her assailants,” he said.

The bereaved father described his daughter as a peaceful, and a well behaved girl, who was different from her siblings in terms of good character.

He said though he was not financially fit to take the case up, he is happy to hear that the Emir of Minna has shown interest in the matter and some human rights groups have also indicated interest in pursuing the matter to its conclusion.

I want my daughter
I want my daughter