Fani-Kayode to Archbishop of Canterbury: Save Your Fake Tears, Words and Belated Admonitions and let us Bear our Suffering, Pain with Dignity and Honor

On Christmas day the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) claimed the group killed eleven christian held hostage to avenge for the killing of their leaders Abu bakr al-Baghdadi and Abul-Hasan Al-Muhajir in Iraq and Syria. 

The video released last Wednesday by the group showed 13 hostages, 10 believed to be Christian and three Muslim. ISWAP claimed they spared the lives of two of the Muslims, local media reported. 

The deaths of the eleven Christians came after an earlier video saw the hostages plead with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to negotiate their release. 

In a statement, ISWAP said: ‘We killed them as a revenge for the killings of our leaders, including Abu bakr al-Baghdadi and Abul-Hasan Al-Muhajir in Iraq and Syria.’ 

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Meanwhile the action by the group has been condemned and criticized by people in Nigeria and abroad (both Christians and non christian) including the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In the same vein the archbishop of Canterbury made a strong statement against the action by ISWAP. The archbishop using his twitter handle said,

“The murder by terrorists of 12 Christian hostages in Nigeria has been much ignored over Christmas, with deep sorrow let us pray for them and those close to them, and for God’s judgement on their killers. They are martyrs to Christ”.

This statement from the archbishop which many including Femi Fani-Kayode felt came rather too late has attracted several reactions (both positive and negative) across the world. See below for some selected tweets coming as feed backs to Archbishops’ statement via twitter.

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