Emily Mitchell Instagram Influencer Dies, Age 36

A 36-year-old Instagram influencer, who was pregnant with her fifth child, died this week her family has confirmed. Emily Mitchell, from Rhode Island, ran the Instagram account The Hidden Way, where she had more than 112,000 followers. She died “unexpectedly in the morning of 22 December 2020,” according to a GoFundMe account set up for her family.

“Our dear Emily and her precious unborn baby left us unexpectedly in the morning of 22 December 2020. Our hearts are broken and her joyful presence will be greatly missed by so many. Em made a big impact in so many people’s lives, and this loss is incomprehensible for anyone who knew her,” the GoFundMe reads. “Our friend was a dedicated mom and wife, she had a heart for the Lord, and loved her children so dearly.”

According to the GoFundMe, the young mother was having coffee and breakfast when she “suddenly became unresponsive,” with her family and medical personnel unable to save her. Her cause of death is currently unknown, The fundraiser states that “doctors are still working on answers for her family.”

In an obituary for Mitchell, she is described as “a devoted wife and incredible mother to her four children,” who “possessed a deep faith that was the foundation for everything in her life”.