Election Process Worrisome – Peter Obi

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, has described the process of the ongoing Presidential and National Assembly elections as clumsy.

Giving his verdict after casting his vote, Obi said it took quite a while before he could vote, though he was number two on the queue.

Apparently, the delay was caused by a malfunctioning Card Reader. The former Governor of Anambra State disclosed that the Card Reader had to be worked on before it came alive. He added that if many Nigerians had to go through a similar experience, then it was worrisome.

According to Obi, “The card reader failed several times before it passed. If this is the process Nigerians are going to go through it’s a bit worrisome. There are reports that in some places the cards are not working but in my place where it’s working it took a while.”
Asked if he had confidence in this election, he said “I have confidence in Nigeria. I have confidence in everything Nigeria is doing because it’s in line with everything that happens in Nigeria. I would not expect it the way it happens in England.”

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