Double Tragedy: 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Croatia Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Reports revealed that dozens of people have been injured after a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Croatia Sunday morning, sparking blazes, cracking buildings and crushing cars under falling slabs of concrete.

People dashed onto the streets of Zagreb, the capital, at 6.23am (5.23am GMT) as their homes were shaken violently by the tremor.

Citizens had been ordered to stay inside due to coronavirus and banned from being in groups numbering more than five people.

Croatia has recorded 206 cases of the virus and one death since the outbreak began.

A man inspects the damage caused by an earthquake in Zagreb, Croatia, Sunday, March 22, 2020. A strong earthquake shook Croatia and its capital on Sunday, causing widespread damage and panicImage

A concrete building part has fallen onto this BMW, shattering its windscreen and denting its front bonnet and seats

A small car is pictured completely crushed by falling debris while a second car is also shown to be severely damagedImage

A shattered chimney pictured on the floor next to two people wearing masks walking past in Zagreb, Croatia

Debris and slabs of concrete have been left littering the streets due to the 5.3 magnitude earthquake

A top part of the side wall of this property has collapsed during the 5.3 magnitude earthquake, which struck four miles north of the capital Zagreb