Dallas girl shot in drive-by while sleeping in her home

Dallas Girl Shot In Drive-By While Sleeping In Her Home

A young Dallas girl is expected to recover after she was wounded in a drive-by shooting while sleeping inside her home, reports CBS DFW.

Victoria Delgadillo was asleep in a bunk bed when she was struck by gunfire around 1 a.m. Sunday. Her mother and 6-year-old brother were also asleep in the bed, the station reports.

The girl’s father Sergio Delgadillo told the station a car drove up the street and fired into his home.

“As soon as I heard the gunshot, I heard my daughter scream. I rushed to see her, and she was covering her face,” Delgadillo said. “It came in through the cheek and went down the airway and cracked three ribs and punctured her lung.”

Delgadillo called the shooting “careless and irresponsible.” His daughter is reportedly being treated in the ICU.

A motive is still unclear. Delgadillo told the station he doesn’t know why anyone would target the family. No arrests have been made.

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