Check Out Rihanna”s Fenty Beauty Holiday Collections

Just weeks after launching her beauty line, the pop star has announced the release of eyeliners, lip glosses, lipsticks, and more.

After launching her Fenty Beauty line at the beginning of September, Rihanna has announced a new holiday collection, arriving October 13.

The pop star shared a teaser video on Instagram which gives a preview of an eye shadow palette with that comes in a holographic case and features 14 different shades. Another photo shows the entire set, including a makeup brush, liquid eyeliner, lipsticks, and lip glosses. According to Fenty Beauty’s Instagram Story, the new additions will be called the Galaxy Collection.

In another post, she revealed the entire lineup, dubbed the Galaxy Collection. It appears to include liquid eyeliner, a makeup brush to go with the palette, new lip glosses called Cosmic Gloss, and multiple lipsticks called Lip Glitter.

The latter is especially notable since one of the biggest questions people had after Rihanna launched Fenty was why she only launched with one “universal” lip gloss shade. Well, there you have it — she was just waiting for the right moment to debut colors. It looks like there’s peach, pink, lavender, and a berry red. Take a look yourself

Rihanna actually debuted the products in-person at the Fenty Beauty launch event in Paris today. “I’m wearing it tonight,” she told attendees, as captured on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram Stories.

There was also footage of RiRi using the new palette to apply makeup on attendees herself as she did at her New York and London parties.

Image Source: Instagram user fentybeautyShe seemed to be wearing one of the green eye shadows:

Like the rest of the Fenty Beauty products, the Galaxy Collection will be available at Sephora online and in stores. Stay tuned for more!

Rihanna Reveals The Fenty Beauty Holiday CollectionRihanna Reveals The Fenty Beauty Holiday Collection

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