Check out this Beautiful Amazing Pix of Virgin Atlantic Boss Richard Branson

Check out this Beautiful Amazing Pix of Virgin Atlantic Boss Richard Branson

Check out this beautiful amazing pix of Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson and crew with this heart-warming note he received from Brian and Nicole Franklin about the role Virgin America has played in their relationship.

Nicole and I started dating in early 2011. There was one major problem though: I was based in Fort Lauderdale, where my teenage son was, and she was in Los Angeles with her two girls. Neither of us could relocate. 

My schedule with my son and my job as a Democratic political consultant, however, allows me to work remotely and spend roughly every other week in CA.  Nicole also works in politics as a media buyer and occasional comes to Florida instead.

Somehow I convinced Nicole that we could make this every-other-week thing work, and we have for six years.  We only have 3 more years to go, when my son graduates.

One critical part was Virgin America.  At the time we started, VA was the only airline from FLL to LAX with fleet-wide, reliable wifi. There was simply no way I could have kept my firm running if I was offline and out of touch for half a day once a week. It just wouldn’t have worked. 

This was a relationship that almost didn’t get started because of all of the other logistical issues… so being able to work on the plane was a major thing.

In fact, we believe that our relationship couldn’t have happened without Virgin America and Richard Branson’s vision for the airline. That it turned out to be a flying experience like no other made it that much easier. I’ve now taken hundreds of flights on Virgin America between FLL and LAX.  Suffice to say, I’ve memorized almost every moment of that safety video.

Nicole and I got married on July 15th, and so naturally we’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on our journey. We’re enormously and eternally grateful to Richard and those of you who made Virgin America work so well for so long, and for the part you all (unknowingly) played in our success.

Stories like this make building businesses that make a positive difference to people’s lives so worthwhile. A business isn’t just about making money; here’s what I think it’s actually about:

A business is about people. A business is about making connections. A business is about finding solutions. A business is about creating opportunities. A business is about making things happen. A business is about going the extra mile. A business is about love.

Image from Brian and Nicole Franklin
Image from Brian and Nicole Franklin

– Virgin Atlantic

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