Canadian MP Caught Naked in Virtual Meeting apologise to His Colleagues in the House of Commons

A Canadian Parliament member who was caught stark naked in a virtual meeting of the House of Commons has apologised to his colleague for the unfortunate incident. Recall that William Amos, who has represented the Quebec district of Pontiac since 2015, appeared on the screens of his fellow lawmakers completely naked on Wednesday.

A screenshot obtained by The Canadian Press shows Mr Amos standing behind a desk between the Quebec and Canadian flags, his private parts hidden by what appears to be a mobile phone in one hand.

In a statement sent by email Mr. Amos said, “this was an unfortunate error,”. “My video was accidentally turned on as I was changing into my work clothes after going for a jog. I sincerely apologise to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this unintentional distraction. Obviously, it was an honest mistake and it won’t happen again.”