Call For Abstracts: Nigeria Family Planning Conference 2018

The Conference organizers invite abstracts on cutting-edge research and program results directed at facilitating and enabling individuals, families, and societies in Nigeria and in other low and middle-income countries to achieve their contraceptive and reproductive needs. Researches demonstrating the benefits of family planning to individuals, families, and societies from poverty reduction, accelerated development, and public sector savings are also solicited.

Priorities will be given to youth programs and other research activities that demonstrate the impact of family planning (FP) on the quality of life. We welcome programmatic lessons demonstrating effects from factors observed over time including the impact of government at all levels and her agencies in bringing FP to the forefront especially as it relates to budgeting.Crosscutting for all the sub-themes should be proven practices with men, youth, and women within the rights-based framework.

The theme for the conference is:


Conference Sub-themes:

  1. States and Local Government Areas (LGAs)taking the lead in mobilizing resources for family planning
  2. Family planning is a human right
  3. Meeting the needs of vulnerable populations: Internally displaced persons (IDPs) and others marginalized by gender, age, education, etc
  4. Using strategic alliances, networking, and technology to improve family planning
  5. Bridging the gap for lost opportunities in family planning

Abstracts related to the theme and sub-themes, using robust scientific/evaluation methods will be given priority in the review and acceptance process.

Individual abstracts may address

  1. Research findings
  2. Effective program practices.

Abstracts should not exceed 250 words (one page) in length and should follow the outline below.For abstracts to be formally slated for presentation, authors must be registered for the conference.


  1. Background
  2. Objectives/Main research question/Hypothesis and program area
  3. Methodology (location, study design, data source, time frame, sample size, analysis approach)
  4. Results/key findings
  5. Conclusion



  1. Originality – Contains significant new findings
  2. Quality – Significantly advances evidence base for addressing family planning needs
  3. Relevance – Directly addresses theme and sub-themes of Conference
  4. Presentation – Clearly presents material according to outline (with headings)

Abstract Submission begins from 5th September and ends 7th October 2018

In order to submit an abstract, please return to this site on the 5th of September (when the portal opens) log in/ register and update your personal data. You will be able to submit your abstract by filling the form provided on the portal

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