BREAKING: Total of 427 People in Italy Died From COVID-19 In the last 24 Hours

A total of 427 people in Italy died from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, Italian health officials said Thursday. With a total death toll of 3,405, Italy has become the country that has the most deaths since the global pandemic began.

The cumulative number of those tested positive reached 41,035 in locked down Italy, according to new data released by the Civil Protection Department. Meanwhile, a total of 4,440 Italians have recovered, up from 4,025 reported on Wednesday.

Of those infected with the virus, 14,935 were recovering in isolation at home, up from 12,090 reported on Wednesday.

A total of 15,757 were hospitalized with symptoms, higher than the 14,363 reported on Wednesday. In the most severe category, 2,498 were in intensive care, a slight increase from 2,257 a day earlier.