BREAKING: Four Killed in Georgia Massage Parlor Shooting

Atlanta police confirmed that four females were shot and killed at two spas on Piedmont Road in northeast Atlanta. Three victims were found at Gold Spa and one was found at Aromatherapy Spa. Police is still looking for suspects and possible motive at this time. Atlanta Police Interim Chief Rodney Bryant said officers were initially called to the1900 block of Piedmont Road to respond to a call about a robbery in progress.

“As we responded to the call, we were able to come upon the scene where individuals were shot at that location,” he said. “While at that location, we received another call across the street that had shots fired, responded to that and found another person shot at that location.”

The shooting comes just about an hour after Cherokee County deputies responded to a shooting at a separate massage parlor off Hwy 92 that left three dead and several others hurt. Police have not said if the two are connected.

Bryant said he’s been in contact with deputies in Cherokee County, but it’s too early in the investigation to say if the shootings are in both counties a re connected.

In the shootings on Piedmont Road, APD said it appears the victims are all females and are Asian.