#BBNaija: “It’s not as if I’m in a Relationship with Kiddwaya, I’m even done with him and I have told him I’m not interested anymore” – Erica

Watch as Erica declared during her face off with Wathoni that she is not in a relationship with Kiddwaya. The pretty damsel also stated in the heat of the conflict that she is through with Kidd and if Wathoni want Kidd she should go ahead and take him.

At 29, you have a son and you cant act your age,;you can have Kidd. Its not like we are dating or anything, why do you always have issue with me , think of your son” – Erica to Wathoni

The statement made by Erica during the conflict has generated several reactions and raised series of questions on social media. One twitter user said, “Erica winning stuffs in the House seems to be getting to Wathoni”.

Bolanle@Bolanle_____· said It’s not only Erica being with Kidd that is paining these housemates. The fact that she has won all the moneys from sponsored tasks is paining them even more #BBNaija.

If Erica is not in a relationship with Kiddwaya what then are they doing, one twitter user asked.

Another user said, “they are only catching cruise”. Recall that Kiddwaya told Ebuka during BBNaija eviction show on Sunday that he is just catching his fun with Erica.

I stan Ozo/VOTE Ozo to 32052@OzosLove· said, finally watched the video of that argument between Erica and wathani and Erica honestly did nothing wrong. she was just trying to settle a situation and wathani like the irritant she is, kept on frustrating her. Erica had every right to be upset

Tonybrainy@Tonybrainy· said, “They said Erica is becoming intoxicated because of power? This babe is literally hated by most of these housemates cause she keeps winning They called them flirts (Kidd and Erica) but I’ve not seen them touch any other person asides each other”.

vee@lovelyvelda01·Wathoni: I have a son and can’t be fighting over man… Erica: then think of your son and act your age. How did she disrespect her son now???? Free my girl abeg. The moment Erica cleared this issue with Wathoni. It was getting really childish. Wathoni should stop dragging her fellow woman over a man.

Peng Man @pengmanmodel·Wathoni just made Erica look bad!!! That’s Wathoni’s game plan. She go lure you out make you y’all all Wetin de your mind come de play the victim after. That’s some amateur witchcraft shit!!!

TOXIC KING FOREX 2@zedd_2·#BBNaijaLockdown About wathoni and Erica,i sincerely blame Erica,again Erica is nothing but an enemy to Laycon Where were you guys when she told Kidd Laycon will go on Sunday, bcos she is sure it’s her fan that her helping him. E go shock am hate it or love it,Laycon (85m).

Oluwatoyin Eniibukun@OluwatoyinEnii3 Wathoni’s ish with Erica has always been Kiddy. But suddenly Victims FC just have to make this about Laycon. At this rate they will say even Laycon sef wants Kiddy. Since Laycon caused everything.

If you missed this interesting event which is still unfolding in the house see below for the video